Thrive is a proven point of sale system that uses the same technology as the world’s busiest websites. With dozens of servers rushing around, busy ringing phones, and online orders pouring in, you need the tough technology that will stand up to the volume. When the Friday night rush hits, Thrive can handle it!

Order Entry

Your customers are picky. Simplify the order process with Thrive. Conversational ordering means your employees can ring up orders the way your customers say them. The easy, streamlined process makes sure nothing is forgotten, while simple and fractional modifiers mean complex orders are right the first time. Vivid graphics and an easy touch screen improve order accuracy and makes training a snap.

Supplement your traditional point of sale stations and get the ability to order from anywhere in your restaurant with a light-weight iPad tablet. Our “local cloud” technology will keep your system running even if the internet isn’t, and easy web-based tools give you access to your system from anywhere, anytime.

Customer Records

Your restaurant’s customers are your #1 asset. Treat them like stars with help from Thrive. From our info-packed caller ID screen to detailed customer profiles, you’ve got all the info you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience right at your fingertips. Best of all, you control your data locally, which means no down time from “offline” cloud services.

Check a customer’s snapshot for a quick summary of their history, or go in-depth with detailed order history. Made a mistake on an order? Make it up to the customer on their next order with a customer credit that’s easy to apply and track.

Labor Management

Don’t pay extra for time clock or scheduling applications. With Thrive, you get a fully featured employee management solution built in to your point of sale software. Track your staff’s time in and out, lunches and breaks right from your point of sale system. Produce complete payroll reports, with overtime calculations, that you can integrate with your payroll system. Easy scheduling tools let you build t o a budget, alert staff and enforce at clock in.

Thrive can also help you speed up scheduling tasks, track employee availability, and build schedules around customer traffic forecasts. Employees submit time off requests and set available work hours right in the system, and managers can approve or deny their request. Build your schedule to your budget and save as a template to make it even easier next week.


From anchovies to zucchini, track your inventory with Thrive to simplify food cost calculation and control. Create purchase orders based on warning or par levels and track what you receive from your vendors. Keep track of what ingredients you should have used by building a recipe for the items you sell.

Thr!ve was built from the ground up with the needs of pizzerias in mind and our inventory module is no exception. Inventory usage by topping count recognizes that a 5 topping pizza gets considerably fewer pepperoni slices than a 1 topping pizza does. You can also track usage by order type, so boxes are deducted for deliveries but not for dine-ins.

Management Tools

When you have the right insights, you can make the right business decisions that help you compete. Thrive's suite of restaurant management tools help pinpoint what’s going right and what’s going wrong in your operation. Take action, from one store to hundreds.

Dozens of reports with data accessible from any time frame let you easily analyze your business. Automatically send managers email alerts to keep them up-to-date on everything that’s happening at your pizzeria.

Payment Processing

Credit card processing becomes an easy and reliable part of your ordering process with Thrive Payments. We can offer you an unbeatable processing rate and online payment acceptance has a typical authorization time of 2-4 seconds. Card data is encrypted at the point of swipe and is unreadable by anyone but the card processor.

When you’ve got orders coming from all directions - phones, online and in house - you need the flexibility of integrated payments that work no matter what! Thr!ve payments offers advanced integrations that understand real world problems . Modify online order credit transactions or add a tip right from the point of sale. Toggle signature on/off for transactions under $25, and keep working even if the internet is down in offline mode.