Adding delivery to your restaurant can seem like adding another act onto what’s already a three-ring circus! Trust Thrive’s experience and expertise in the pizza and delivery business to help make everything go smoothly. We’ve got restaurant delivery software down to a science and are ready to help you juggle everything like a superstar!

Thrive’s Delivery solution helps you manage customer expectations with customizable promise times that automatically update to your online ordering. Automatic order confirmations and dispatch alerts let customers know you’re on your way.

You can also keep your drivers on track and organized with Drive, a mobile app made just for them. They can view details about assigned orders, check in at arrival, capture customer signatures and tips, and more, all from their smartphone.

Online & Mobile Ordering

When your customers are hungry, where do they turn? The internet, of course! Third party online ordering companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats may help bring you new customers, but high per-order costs and slow reimbursements mean you don’t want to rely on them for your regulars.

Deliver a great online ordering experience directly on your website, fully customized to match your brand and menu. When customers control the ordering process, accuracy and satisfaction go up, and your costs go down.

Put the power of suggestion to work for your restaurant and increase ticket averages with tools that help your customers find just what they are craving. Upsell sides, desserts, and drinks to increase your ticket average, without interfering with the online ordering experience.

Nobody wants to manage multiple systems, and integrating third party online ordering with your point of sale can be a real headache. Stop dealing with the hassle of systems that don’t play well together. Thrive Online relies on the same data business logic as your Thrive point of sale system, so updates and operations are seamless.

Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty programs have long been proven to be the most cost-effective and successful way to bring customers back to your restaurant more often. The strategic value of your customer data and powerful ability to target customers with rewards and incentives based on their actual behavior makes loyalty programs the secret weapon of many top restaurants.

The key to a successful loyalty program is making it easy. Easy for customers to enroll, easy for your staff during the busy lunch shift, and easy for you to “set and forget”! Thrive Loyalty integrates your loyalty program throughout your operation, so customers can order online or in-store and still earn and redeem rewards.

Thr!ve Loyalty adds flexible marketing automation tools that are the key to reminding customers about your amazing restaurant. Here’s just a few ways you can automatically trigger emails or mobile notifications to your loyal customers:

  • Welcome to the Program
  • Points Earned
  • $ Spent
  • Number of Times Visited
  • Birthday
  • Enroll Anniversary
  • Haven’t Visited in a Set Number of Days
  • Activation
  • Close to a Reward
  • Lifetime Spend

Enterprise Reporting

When you’ve got restaurants scattered around the city, or around the globe, you need the power of data to help you grow. Manage and compare multiple locations with our web-based N2K (Numbers to Knowledge) reporting tools and Central Menu Management system. N2K consolidates your point of sale data from each location every 15 minutes.

Customize dashboards to shows you the charts, graphs, and alerts that matter to you. Define comparison criteria and view trends, or manage by exception. You can also schedule alerts and reports to be emailed to you automatically, so you can have the numbers ready and waiting in your inbox.